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in to "fox and friends" when arnold swarsnegar joins us live >> steve: over the weekend 2000 americans were killed in afghanistan. the president talks about on the stop his greatest achievement and that is the killing of osama bin laden. here he is in nevada over the weekend. >> al-qaida is on the path of defeat and osama bin laden is dead. sounds like he dropped the gm line. >> gretchen: the greatest accomplishment is the killing of osama bin laden so the president is making a lot of that. but what is the real story on the ground? for example what really happened in libya, terrorist attack that killed our u.s. ambassador and is al-qaida on the surge and far from dead now? could it be that we are facing a tougheruation before president obama came in office with regard to al-qaida. >> eric: they said it was a preplanned terrorist attack that killed the ambassador and three other necessary benghazi. the problem is why? why did they make the attack. is it because president obama is going over. gnc. >> he said yesterday and no other than nevada, and las vegas where he was four hours after the a
have maria molina as well to bring us the latest on the weather situation. >> brian: first we will update you overnight. a massive fire burning in queens. devastating to see and no sign of being contained. 50 homes are in flames at this hour and the situation is going from bad to worse. joining us on the phone is power authority spokesman michael. michael so far 50 homes. are firefighters working on this? >> right now facts are sketchy. we believe that the power was out in the area before the fire started and so we are not involved in the fire-fighting activitis and we don't know the cause. >> steve: i know that apparently 25 houses are destroyed so far. and 195 firefighters are working the blaze two people with minor injuries. the problem in cases like this, michael, sometimes when a fire starts, if there is flooding firefighters can't get to it and it gets oust control. >> i can't speculate on the issue of the fire. there is a lot of outages and breezy point has been out of power for sometime. >> brian: 80 percent are without power? >> right, i think that may be an optmistic
gretchen carlson . mitt romney ready to go global with his first major policy speech telling us that hope is not a strategy. what is romney's strategy, we'll tell you straight ahead. >> the president planning his combat. how the plans to turn it around this week with the help of one person. >> nascar champ triggering a massive pile up. you have to see it to believe it. "fox and friends" starts this morning,. ♪ . >> steve: heart of midtown, manhattan it is columbus day. i know you think it is on october 12th. but people like a three-day holiday. we have a federal holiday. go to the sale. macy's has a great big sell. >> okay. >> what do you need . i may give you a list to give for peter and myself . >> appreciate it. >> this is what happened when you were asleep. three, two, one. and lift off. lift off of the spacex falcon and launching dragon. >> gretchen: spacex blasted off cape canaveral. it is carrying supplies to the space run. it is a personal touch on board . chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream. >>> and she vanished on the way to school. police in colorado discovered the 10 year old
before the word. >> makes it easier for us. have a good "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning everyone. it is it tuesday october 2. i am gretchen carlson . flights are ground and investigation under way in the country's big of the airline after row of seats come loose from the floor after take off. >> steve: i hate when that happens. one day until the presidential debate and mitt romney gets in this last minute dig . >> i will make sure we get resources in alaska and by the way, i will get pipe line from canada if i have to build it myself. >> steve: will lines like that work in the debate tomorrow night? it may depend on president obama's achilles hill. >> brian: unlike me he can build something because he knows how to work a ratchet gun. military faces lay offs. it is our money. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ note ♪ "fox and friends". >> steve: welcome back to studio e live from midtown manhattan and brian welcome back. >> brian: you want to feel old in >> steve: sure. when i started here my son was six months old and yesterday was his 16th birth >
that are used to treat back pain recalled all of their products. police in philadelphia looking at this video of a deadly brawl between two wedding parties. three people have been arrest after reviewing the video, there may be more. the fight broke out in the sheretan hotel. the teen who caught it all on camera was there with his family for his birthday. one man died in the chaos. it is believed he is the uncle of one of the bride and had a heart attack. those are the headlines this morning. >> steve: i was down in philly and i heard a report that it may have started when someone took a swing at one of the brides. >> brian: that's crazy . >> steve: we know to get request to get more security in the u.s. embassy were denied. the house overnight hearing will try to get answers. doug is live with what we know. >> that's right, steve. intelligence officials will testify about the terrorist attack in the benghazi consulate in what looks to be a administration cover up in the failures on the deaths of chris stevens and three others. lieutenant colonel andrew wood told cbs news that his request for
suspended. setting a great example for the young. you can see gretchen carlson here to help us out for the word. >> kentucky. >> there you g. the site of tonight's debate. way to go gretchen. >> i was thinking of the mint tulips. >> that is a derby thing. >> gretchen, thanks a lot. have a great show. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: once i had a mint tulip i thought it was minty. it is julippy. i am gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing your time with us. the battle of the running mates. the site of the debate tonight. joe biden versus paul ryan. >> steve: stunning revelations on libya. the real struggle was not with the terrorist, but with their own country. >> for me, the taliban is on the inside of the building. >> steve: shocking blunders that led to the top. we'll detail that straight away. >> brian: less than four hours. singing like sinatra. ♪ when irish eyes are smiling. ♪ sure they'll steal your heart. >> brian: well done. that's how he celebrates columbus week. america really does have talent. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and frie
of the united states would like to come and visit us, but not right now and we are really busy and the first responders need to pay to exeem put things back in order. it would be great if the president goes to new jersey and the president will tour the devastation with the chief executive new jersey chris christy. >> gretchen: when the president comes the city is shut down . the city can't have security detail and anything like that at all. but he will go to new jersey which is your home eric. >> i am trying to figure out why. i get it he wants to see the damage. please come can go and sign the check to help fema to sign over the money . chris christie was on saying that we have gotten acess to the funs we are going to need. i am not sure what touring the sight. >> steve: it is smart politics for the president. there is chris christie helping the people on the jersey shore. it is essentially politically if you talk about it he is coopting one of rom romm's visible surrogate and it is good for chris christie his state will go for barack obama example it is a win, win as the campaign starts to
in the world is ultimately the job of the commander in chief, the buck stops there. so is it -- e-mail us. is it too convenient that hillary clinton would come out on the eve of the debate to say don't blame the president. it is my fault. where is all of the security exerts. after a terror attack you would see these guys. they were no where to be found. the secretary of state who doesn't specialize in security and a president with no security background. we have a great guest coming up. not only senator coburn and senator lindsay graham on what secretary of state had to say. they do get along quite well. >> steve: the administration has mishandled the situation in libya and how do you change the narrative. you can look tough and track down the people responsible and kill them. there are stories out that say that the white house has put special operatives on stand by and flying drones over africa and trying to figure out who was responsible for the attack on our consulate and apparently according to the associated press, they talked to a dc based analyst who said the civilian side which me
it is not optmaland we'll fix it. >> steve: it is optimal. is that the best word to use? we'll report and you decide. >> brian: is this a repeat. vice-president joe biden confused in a campaign event. we keep that in the archives. asking who served in the war in iran and harry reid raised his hand. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> steve: welcome aboard, folks. live from studio e. it is "fox and friends" for a rainy monday -- friday on "fox and friends". >> i am filling in . brian told me it is bad luck to see me before the show. >> steve: you are not getting maried. >> brian: remember we broke in the catskills. also we don't wear pants before the show. that's another thing -- that hurts my feeling. >> steve: almost like catskills comics. >> brian: when are we going to be invited. >> i have been invited. there is a lot of levitty and jokes and get to see both candidates in an unusual setting where they are being nice at each other and it is the al smith dinner and it is white tail and dancerer than black tie . president obama and mitt romney were there and they had lot was funnier jokes. >> i a
. >>> a lot of time under water. >>> and brian is here to help us out. thank you so much. buy . see you later. have a great show. >>> do you usually leave women speechless. gretchen: good morning everyone . i hope you had a fantastic weekend. i am gretchen carlson. the final presidential debaturped way . and the focus is foreign policy. attacks are flying from all sides. >> steve: there is a damaging new report on what happened in libya. it is not the store store that the white house is pedaling. could the timing be worse for the president. >> brian: is it a fight he wants to have. the swing states swinging further in romny's case. what is he doing? what is the president doing to catch up? "fox and friends" starts right now. >> brian: this is the last time we have to stay up late 10:30 and sleep for 90 minutes. >> steve: tomorrow we'll be sleep deprived after watching late and short turn around . we are up for it it is our job. gretchen: yes. of course, we do. just a few hours from now. president obama and mitt romney will meet face to face in florida. the focus is foreign policy. john robert
gretchen carlson thanks for shared up the day with us. paul ryan has debate advice. >> more people signed up for medicare after the change. >> no body -- i know i know you're under a lot of duress. >> did biden's demeanor cost him the victory . we report and you decide. >> steve: vice-president biden telling us who is to blame for the botched consulate attack. he said the intelligence community and sy. here is a comment that had back scratchers scratching -- fact scratchers scratching their head. >> brian: wait until you hear who won an award. "fox and friends" starsts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> steve: yeah. the debate just ended. the president of the united states said at the last debate he had with mitt romney he was too polite. joe biden last night didn't have that problem. he was trying to stop the erosion. and many independents were heading over to the republican side . joe biden was joe biden in so many ways. his demeanor was extraordinary. >> gretchen: i thought it was totally overthe top disrespectful. just speaking as a woman and i want to know the difference in the
we started at 4:00 on the east coast. join us tomorrow morning as sandy makes landfall. >> remember, we want you to be a part of our time. share the pictures with us. letteryoureport at foxnews.com. you report at fox news.com. send us your pictures and stay safe. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. special coverage for the hurricane, hurricane sandy, size and scope unprecedented and the hurricane wreaking havoc. good morning, it is monday and october 29th. >> steve: meanwhile, we'll take you live to delaware. waves expected to reach heights of 20 feet. >> brian: check this out. looks like snow. it is it sea foam blanketing the shore in north carolina . >> steve: pretty but deadly . we have live teem coverage on the coast. peter doocy in delaware and fox news meterologist maria molina is in the weather center. we'll start there and get the latest on sandy. >> good morning, everyone. sandy has continued to strengthen. hurricane hunters flying through the storm and found that the minimum central pressure lowered 596 milibar accident it is breaking records i
, it is wednesday october 15th, 2012 and i am gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your post debate morning with us. president obama gets help from the moderator? >> it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi. >> get the transscript. >> he did in fact. let me -- he did call an act of terror. >> >> gretchen: did he. it is not true and so we'll play you the transscript and the interviews after that. >> steve: more women turning to the side of the ticket and so who won the ladies vote last night. we have a panel of undecided voters weighing in on that. >> brian: debate time constrants which cand date got cut short. we'll actually answer. "fox and friends" starts right now. note ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". ♪ how much to cut licenses. governor mitt romney this is what we did. there was a bunch of oil companies . >> i had a question was how much. >> you want me to answer the question. >> i am happy to answer the question. >> worry it >> production on government oil is down 14 percent. and production on gas is nine percent. >> it is not true. >> candy hold on a. >> mr. preside
the adjustmentings. >> wait a minute, david. wait a minute. this is the first u.s. ambassador that was killed since 1979. susan rice came on this show and five others and gave a story that was not true and you are saying we shouldn't discuss this and we should wait for the investigation to be completed. >> no, no. chris, calm down. that is obviously not what i am saying. >> there is proof it is not politics. people are serving over seas. >> brian: pressure on people saying no to them. you cant have the stars and moon and you realize i my life is in jeopardy. it is important to bring out it is not about politics when you come to other people. shawn smith who lost his life there, his mom, his mom said it is not just the american people who are not getting the full story, she is not either. listen to what she said. >> did the president speak to you personally about what happened to your son. >> yes, he said we will check it out and let you know. and that's what hilary and panetta and joe biden and susan rice. they all say the same thing and after that i heard nothing until i talked to the people in th
the u.s.. he is in custody after his plan to blow up the federal reserve in new york city was foiled. qasi nasis came to carry it out. he didn't know one of the pem he contacted was an undercover agent. the same one that supplied him with fake explosives. nasis. drove and put them in a van. he recorded a video saying we will not stop until we obtain victory or martyrdom. who is the suspected terrorist. over in jamaica a big bangladeshi area. >> that's right. the suspect lived here in the jamaica section of queens in the apartment building behind me . he first talked to an under cover feb fib agent about his plot. and the attack to shake the whole country. the suspect is a 21 year eeled quasi mohammed nafis. he told the judge yes, he understands the charges he faces. nafis thought he was assembling a bomb. he was work a f.b.i. agent that made sure the device was harmless. it was yesterday when nafis drove the vehicle to the federal reserve bank of new york . he tried to remotely detonate it. after that attempt he was arrested. >> it is aspirerational when you pick up 50 20 pound bags
with us. it was the final debate and it is now over. but not before president obama pulled out something we heard before. blame president bush. >> praise george bush as a good economic steward. >> attacking me is not an agenda. >> gretchen: mr. mitt romney playing calm. we report you decide. >> steve: meanwhile president obama got under the president's skin. >> the president began what i call the apology tour. going to the middle east and critizing america. >> steve: the president said that was a whopper and we have the tape and will play it for you. >> brian: we have a group of voters that could decide the election . "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: i thought we were going to hear it? >> brian: yeah. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". note ♪ >> nothing that governor romney said is true starting with the notion of apologizing. >> mr. president, the reason i call it an apology tour you went to egypt, saudi arabia, turkey and iraq, and by the way you skipped israel, our closest friend in the region. but you went to the other nations. and by the way theyinoid you skipped israel. >
is thursday. i am gretchen carlson. thank you for part of your day with us. a terrorist want to be pledging allegiance to al-qaida try to avenge bin laden's death trying to build up the federal reserve in new york city. >> steve: the americans attacked in libya asked for extra security. the outsource guards they had couldn't carry guns and they patrolled with flash lights. how do flash lights stop that? >> brian: they don't. more americans rallying behind romney. karl rove with his reaction in moments. "fox and friends" starts now. ♪ >> gretchen: this morning a fox news alert. check out this photo. he wanted to avenge osama bin laden's death by destroying the u.s.. he is in custody after his plan to blow up the federal reserve in new york city was foiled. qasi nasis came to carry it out. he didn't know one of the pem he contacted was an undercover agent. the same one that supplied him with fake explosives. nasis. drove and put them in a van. he recorded a video saying we will not stop until we obtain victory or martyrdom. who is the suspected terrorist. over in jamaica a big bangladeshi a
used to people saying something that is not always true and keep on repeating it and hoping i will believe it. that is not the case. a friend of mine said you pick losers. . you are ened to your own plane and house. >> two minutes is up. >> i had five seconds before you interrupted me. and then he went for another minute. >> steve: good morning folks, and it was built as a rumble in the rockis and it certainly was and all of the polls, even the pundits on the left. it is clearr romney wound up winning the first of the three presidential debates and chris christty was right although he was derided on sunday morning chat shows. he said thursday morning we'll talk about how the race is upside down. >> gretchen: i was stunned at this debate and how important it was. i hope americans were not watching jersey shore. i hope they were watching this debate last night. at times, it got too wonky wonk and all of the numbers and facts and figures. but i feel like the american public saw the men on the stage. brian you and i discussed how important it was. get them on the stage instead of
news agency including us on this story and now all guns including the state department pointed in the administration. >> gretchen: because the way the state department answered this question yesterday: do you agree with the white house on the conclusion that the attack was sparked by the video instead of a planned terrorist attack and the state department said you would have to ask others. that was not our conclusion. >> steve: they have got themselves a scandal with a month before the election . and we told you yesterday about a actress that appeared. she played dee in clueless. it turns out, she who once upon a time supported barack obama and she now supports mitt romney. >> brian: she had death slams. >> steve: who wound up contacting paul ryan. and then later there was this tweet. had a great conversation with stacey dash. thank you for your support. >> gretchen: paul ryan had a personal experience like stacey dash in college . he dated an africa-american woman. and he said he could understand that sort of an attack when you do something that other people do not agree with?
. >> brian: one anchor ahead. >> steve: can't yell at both of us. >> steve: a lot of people are taking the advice here in the new york city area serious my wife and i went to costco. they had 10erators when we walked in and one end by the 15 minutes . a lot of people know. we last year we were without electricity for a week. >> gretchen: oh, yeah. 92 if janice is talking about one of the worst storms in a generation, you need a generator. >> brian: and if candles. i bought a generator and it came in handy. but it took up my entire shed and i stare at it and oner what life would be like if i didn't have it. i rake a lot. >> gretchen: i need video of that. you will be thanking your lucky stars next weekend. >> brian: you can evacuate to my shed. >> gretchen: let's talk about the election . early voting could be affected by the storm. up and down the east coast you can vote early . some people may not be able to get there and not in the top of mind . the polls are changing now. in the last couple of weeks . look at virginia . look at what is used to be for the obama-biden ticket. it was a
news anchors does it take. >> gretchen: don't ask that with us that have blonde hair. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. i am gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing your time with us today. the administration blamed the antiislamic video for the attack on the consulate in libya. but new e-mails showed it only took a few hours to show it was tied to terror. >> steve: how is this for transparency. obama campaign wants to keep some things off of the record, what is the big secret, mr. president? we'll tell you about that? >> brian: a master mind giving himself a make over from the inside of the wall of gitmo. how did he make the gray beard go red. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ >> steve: when was the last time we would start the show with beauty tips from sheik mohammed. >> brian: we'll find out how he made it go from gray to red. >> gretchen: and let us know if we should give him attention for the beard or jackets and most people want to see him to go you know where. he was halfway through the trial five years ago. >> steve: give him the day in court. enternal state department
used for back pain . it health officials suspect that bacteria was in the steroid and which is now recalled. the drug maker surrendered its license. darrell hannah making a splash in jail when she was protesting the key tone pipe line. the two stood in front of ground clearing equipment. both were charged with criminal trespassing and those are your headlines. brian went off to heat cooling for the day. >> steve: fantastic. there he is. that is just like in your fancy hotels . we have a thermostat. >> gretchen: 20 gets it back up to 69. >> brian: i will get funding. >> steve: coming up, straight ahead, live from the hot studio. a story that is almost impossible to believe. a dog sneaks out of his house and tracks down his owner who happened to be in the hospital miles away. that's the owner right there and that's the dog, their story coming up. >> gretchen: where was the president's head in this debate. bob woodward also has a theory kind of like al gore, dick morris is here to react. >> a lot of people played drinking games in the debate. they took a shot when someone said a certa
. it is thursday . i am gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us . they are the e-mails that the white house didn't want released. showing that the white house knew about the terrorist attacks and they try to respond to covering it up because things didn't go well. >> steve: remember that interview we told you about yesterday that the president wanted to keep off of the record . we know why they tried to hide it. the commander and chief admits he ignored the economy. >> brian: for years they reached out to human trainers. scientist discovered that whales can talk. how many times have i said this? usually in the breaks. we are live in the aquarium where we actually talk to the whales. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ >> steve: see people thought only horses can talk on television. thank you mr. ed. >>> hello. gretchen: what about the whale can talk? >> brian: i want to ask the whale questions. what is it like on water. we focused too much on land. the whale named no sea. nicknamed. parity the people believe it or not. we'll take you to atlanta, georgia to fin
who murdered a u.s. border patrol agent. nicholas ivy was 30 years old and behind a wife and two children. ivy and another agent were shot in arizona. it is a known area for drug smuglingg and remote and close enough to a local highway to move drugs. the wounded agent that he was with is in stable condition. more than one person opened fire and they vow that there will be justice. agent ivy died in the lean -- line of duty protecting our nation and his death strengthens our resolve to inn force the rule of law and bring those responsible to justice. the agents were assigned to the newly kristened briantery border station . talk about your fair share and piece of national debt. how about $137,000 for each one of us. the government add 1.3 trillion in the fiscal year that ended . worked out to 11,000 more to the household is the fourth straight year of 1 trillion dollars. these numbers are so mind boggling. the national debt is over 16 trillion dollars and that will no doubt with a big topic. >> brian: they had it on the nightly news and sean hannity in you could stand up. they wer
and the need for us to be uniteov. jumave pe arin her on twitter and the celebrity community is attacking her on twitter. >> steve one of the interesting things. one of the last young wmen who stood up for what she beed sandra. the president called her after she was attacked in various venues and it will be teresting toee if the president of the unitedtates calls her, way to gooran u f w . riitld are mo >> steve: it would be a classy move. >> gretchen: danin on hannity. an africa-american conservati woman, she said the real war o w i rimen n. a dying woman put through the ringer by the tsa trying to take the last trip of her life. >> brian: can you say joh ed ctoris hh t ♪ ♪ hooked on a feeling. ♪ i am high on believing. ♪ that you are in love with . ant esd? wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. > cheatin rpwnit new polls show mitt romney pulling ahead. here is a look at the pough research poll. the presidnt's lead has vanied theresi'sea i ed wiom vrshaes now tide with mitt romney. here to explainn what
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